Hey! Welcome to Being Betic. This is a blog where I hope to spill out all of my betic (diabetic/diabetes) wins, loses, and frustrations. While yes I am a type one diabetic, diabetes is in no way me. I see it as an important part of me. Slowly, but surely, I’ll be filling this blog with more “components of me”, so be on the lookout.

Check out the ‘About Me’ tab to find out more about me. Also, check the disclaimer out; while I would love to improve your life with suggestions, PLEASE check with your doctor first before changing your treatment plan.

Let’s see how life is while Being Betic!




Adventures with Hubby


Daily Life

Everything from house care to work to random adventures!



Type One Diabetes Management

How things are going with treatment and my healthcare


Baby Nugget and I


Motherhood, While Being Betic

Being a mother is tough, but then we had to add diabetes to the mix